Health plans for Partners HealthCare employees

AllWays Health Partners is pleased to administer Partners Plus and Partners Select health plans in 2019 on behalf of Partners HealthCare.


What’s new in your benefits

Urgent care interactive video visits 24/7 with no cost sharing through Partners HealthCare On Demand

Fitness benefit: one month of membership fees at a qualified health club for one covered family member

CaféWell, our wellness website where you can take a health assessment and get personalized recommendations

DoctorSmartSM, the only tool you’ll need to find in-network medical and behavioral health providers and see tiering information

Free tobacco cessation program and coverage for nicotine replacement therapy

AllWays Community, where you can share your thoughts and feedback with us and other members

  • Find a Provider

    To find a network provider please visit the online provider directory
    Partners Providers: See any information that is outdated or incorrect? If so, please let us know here so we can ensure that our data is as current and accurate as possible.

  • ID Cards and Welcome Kits

    AllWays Health Partners is now launching its welcome program, which includes:

    • A mailing of member ID cards to your home. If you have not received yours yet, you will shortly. Rest assured, a digital ID card also is available now at You will need to enter your Social Security number, last name, ZIP code, and date of birth to get your card. You can download a printable copy or show it on your phone when seeking care from your providers.
    • It is important to note that if you made medical plan changes after December 5 you will receive your ID card after January 1, 2019. You will have access to the digital ID card referenced above. You should use this digital ID card until you receive your physical card in the mail.
    • Your member welcome kit also is arriving with information about the AllWays Health Partners member portal,, the Café Well online wellness community, cost sharing details, and more. Please note that the welcome flyer in your kit that details what you can access through is a generic version for all AllWays Health Partners members except those covered under the Partners HealthCare employee plans. Here is the Partners-specific welcome flyer that details what you can access through
    • The kit also provides helpful information for when you visit your providers for the first time in 2019.
    • In addition, AllWays Health Partners will send a welcome email in early January that will direct you to the AllWays Health Partners secure member portal,, where you can access Partners HealthCare On Demand and learn more about the new fitness benefit.
  • Continuity of Care Request
    Employees and their family members who receive ongoing care for an unstable, unusual, or serious medical condition from a previously in-network provider who is not in the AllWays Health Partners network, may be eligible for the Continuity of Care program.

    If your Continuity of Care request is approved, you or your covered dependent(s) may continue to receive care from an out-of-network provider for up to six months and have benefits paid at the Tier 2 (non-preferred) level.

    Please complete and return this form to AllWays Health Partners by fax 617-526-1985 or email
  • About the AllWays Health Partners Network
    Nearly all providers currently seen by Partners HealthCare employees are in the AllWays Health Partners network. For those that are not in the network, the AllWays Health Partners team has embarked on a campaign to recruit additional providers, and new providers are being added daily!

    If your provider is not listed, or if the information in the directory appears to be inaccurate, please refer to the section below “What to do if your provider isn’t in the network.”
    Tier 1 and Tier 2 Provider Services
    Both Partners Plus and Partners Select offer employees the choice between two tiers of network providers.
    Tier 1 - Preferred Doctors and Hospitals (Includes Partners Providers)
    Tier 2 - Non-Preferred Doctors and Hospitals
    Our health plans have differentiated between “preferred providers” and “non-preferred providers” for many years, although the use of the terms “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” are new in 2019.
    What You’ll Pay for Care
    Doctor and Hospital Level Typical Cost Sharing*
    Tier 1: Preferred Providers and Hospitals $
    Tier 2: Non-Preferred Providers and Hospitals $$
    Out-of-Network Providers and Hospitals $$$

    Partners Plus only; Out-of-network coverage is limited to emergency and urgent care for Partners Select members 

    *Tiering does not apply for employees who live out-of-area, so Tier 1 cost-sharing applies to all services delivered by a network provider (Tier 1 or Tier 2). See your Schedule of Benefits under Plan Documents for specific cost sharing details.
    Services Not Tiered
    There are certain services that have no tiering, which means you will pay the Tier 1 cost-sharing if you see a network provider. They include:
    • Acupuncture
    • Chiropractic care
    • Physical therapy/Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Mental health care or substance use care

Member Portal

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Your personal gateway to complete details about your coverage, benefits, preventive services, copayments, out-of-pocket maximum, and other cost-sharing information.

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